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So you're looking for a new experience, or maybe you've done this before? Whatever the occasion you've found the right muse for this unforgettable experience and I am so excited to explore with you!

 Don't hesitate to explain what you're looking for and with advanced notice, it can be arranged. Even better make it a trio by booking myself and two of my lovely friends! I promise you'll be thanking your lucky stars that you did! All of my partners listed below are close friends that I feel both comfortable with on a personal level, along with trusted on a professional level. This is very important for me to ensure our chemistry and my comfort, along with providing you the experience you are hoping for.

If you would prefer someone not listed below please let me know and I will determine whether I am comfortable meeting them. Some of my greatest friendships have started with a lovely client setting up a dinner date between myself and another companion before our menage a trois. I look forward to planning this experience with you. 



Ottawa Duo partners

Nathalie Lefebvre
Twitter: @NathalieOttawa

Nathalie and I have yet to work together, but we are both eagerly awaiting our first duo together. If you know me then you know how much I'm attracted to intelligence, compassion and empathy. This is something that Nathalie posses in abundance along with a killer smile and body. I can't wait for my first duo with this incredible woman and I hope that you'll bring us together to watch the chemistry unfold between us!

Partners that visit Ottawa 

Tori Jezebel

Twitter: @eroticsomatics



Tori is one of  my dearest and sweetest friends. Whenever we're together it's always non-stop giggles and fun, sexy times. She's also one of my all time secret crushes. Book us together if you want to watch the chemistry unfold between us.  A fun, sexy and pleasurable time is certainly guaranteed! 

Evelina Lowell
Twitter: @evelina_lowell

Evelina is a truly compassionate sweetheart with a degree in social work, which makes her a truly great listener. Always fun to spend time with we're constantly giggling together. It's been awhile since I've gotten to play with this cutie and luckily for us she visits ottawa often. Book us together on one of her next tours!

Camille Haring

Twitter: @MllecamilleMTL

Website: www.camille


Camille is a dear friend who I admire in every way. We didn't get nearly enough time to play together during my time in Montreal, but I'm hoping this is something you can help me resolve on one of her many visits to Ottawa! I have fond memories of our last playtime together. I have a huge secret crush on her too so the chemistry being electric between us is pretty much a guarantee!

Vicky Lopez

Twitter: @Vickylopezxxxo



Vicky & I know each other quite well, anytime spent with this lovely sweetheart is always our mutual pleasure and yours too.

April Rose

Twitter: @AprilRose_esc


April Rose Luxuria 2018.jpg

April Rose needs no introduction, this tiny bombshell has a presence like no one I've ever met. Sensual, naughty and extremely adventurous anytime spent with April is well worth it. I love playing with this lady and I hope you encourage her to visit Ottawa more often!

Nora Bordeleau

Twitter: @nora_bordeleau



Whats better than one grad student? You guessed it , two grad students! Nora and I became friends because of our shared interest in Sociology and academia. Nora is known for her brains, sass and ass (her words) and its true! This sassy and sexy lady is so much fun and the best part is that she visits ottawa often! Book us together for a fun, sexy and intellectually stimulating time!

Other partners & photos to come soon! For more information please inquire via email, xoxo
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