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Please note: 

I have a strict no review policy, I do not support review boards as this practice  jeopardizes the health and safety of sex workers. These testimonials were submitted before I made the decision to implement this policy. I have decided to keep this page to provide clients with an idea of what spending time with me can be like.  

(Old reviews can be found under my previous name Adriana Bella)

February 2018

It was lovely to meet you again. Thank you for making our date feel so natural. I have missed your beautiful face and your tasteful lips. You are always a great companion and I enjoy our conversation as much as our more physical interactions. Your outfits are always hot and fit perfect on your wonderful body. I love how you are a mix of laid back lover and an exceptional interlocutor. Hearing about your academic endeavors always brings me back to my time in grad school. Not only you laugh with me, but you make me laugh as well. I hope to see you in the future.


April 2018

Adriana is a beautiful brown eyed blonde with a body to kill for. She makes everything feel so natural despite her striking looks. The conversation is laid back, but always have a deepness that comes from her academic field. Always dressed sexy and comfortable, she enjoys the physical part of the date as much as provides a perfect company for a great time. Laughs are mutual, and she is responsive to caresses as well as reciprocates in  a very sensual way. If you follow her you already know her, you get what you see, and much more. I definitely will be a repeat client as long as I can.



June 2018


My evening with Adriana was a most enchanting one that began with a wonderfully honest, revealing and at times spirited conversation. In truth, our exchange had begun over a month before as I had reached out to her by email, drawn to her by her words, her playful poses and her safe experience. Her replies to me were warm and welcoming and I knew that we would meet eventually. After that initial contact, my desire to meet with her deepened and my excitement increased as the day approached.


And so there we were, connecting with words and sharing experiences and getting to know to each other while enjoying the touch of her hand, her laugh and her smile. When the space between on us on the couch narrowed, we found that words were no longer necessary. It was a sudden change from where we had been a moment before and yet very natural as well, feeling her body pressed against mine, her nose nuzzled against my neck - her mouth, warm, her breath, hot - and I found myself falling deeper under her spell. 


We soon migrated to another space where the trappings of clothing proved to be needless barriers that separated us, and so these were discarded, one by one, until there was nothing left but the two of us together. Her touch, the touch of her skin felt so good that I wanted to know more – needed to know more. I embarked then on an exploration of her body that provided me with many tactile pleasures as my fingers followed her sweet curves. With my mouth leading the way, I traced the topography of Adriana, enjoying her peaks before losing myself in her wondrous valley from which I was in no hurry to return. She encouraged me along with her soft cries that gradually grew in intensity, her body shaking at times followed by a wave of energy that coursed through her entire being. All the while, I felt comfort in the touch of her hand on my head. 


Many more pleasurable activities followed, interspersed with more words, naturally, until finally the most pleasant part of the evening coincided with the end of our too-brief time together. The culmination of such an enjoyable time getting to know each other in so many ways was to be lying there, holding her in my arms and staring into her gorgeous brown eyes. “What are you thinking?” she asked me. I replied honestly and revealed my thoughts to her but the better question would have been, “What are you feeling?” as that was what was most important to me at that moment in time. Quiet and blissful contentment would have been my reply, a beautiful moment that I wished could go on and on.

Just before I left, we stood in the kitchen, and I held her close, and I made a reference to what our next time together would entail, and we both smiled because there is no melancholy in parting when we know that there will be a next time. The excitement that I feel as I write these words is in part an acknowledgement of how much I enjoyed our time together mixed with my desire to experience more once again: it cannot be soon enough. 


July 2018

Last time I met with Adriana, I traveled all the way from Virginia to Montreal pretending I was interested in the Formula 1 race. Adriana is one of a kind, she is so sexy and sensual and she is a smart lady with a great attitude and awesome energy. The entire time with her is natural and it flows without effort, she understands my desires as she enjoys the pleasures in a perfectly authentic way. Her kisses are exhilarating and set the tone for all the beauty to come. Besides the physical pleasures, the time in between is full of great laughter and smart conversations. Every time I see her, I experience something even more exiting then last time. I wished the time would never end. But there is always the excitement knowing there will be the next time, and I cannot wait….


October 2018

Good Day TERB Members,

I have benefited from reading your reviews for a long time and thought it was time to start posting some of my own to pay you all back. I am starting with Adriana Bella, she is an SP that I saw in Montreal recently and I just noticed on her Twitter that she will be touring Toronto in November.

I contacted Adriana to book a long appointment (4.5 hours) that included social and intimate time together. I contacted her with the appointment details and screening information her website stated as required and her response was quick and positive.

When she arrived at my hotel room, I opened the door and was very pleased to see that she is indeed the woman in the photos that are posted on her website. In addition to being blonde and beautiful she was a pleasure to talk to, with an easy going attitude and great sense of humour. I enjoyed our social time together, she is educated and well spoken on a variety of topics.

Our intimate time together was also very pleasurable, her body is soft in all the right places and toned everywhere else. She is a good kisser and was vocally responsive to my oral performance on her. As she prefers to not have her services described in explicit detail I will respect that and not go into the usual acronyms. The best overall description I can give of her services are that she provides GFE services, although with a few restrictions as I have found most ladies have different tastes.

I will absolutely be seeing her again when I am in Montreal and when she tours in Toronto in November. I will post again after our next appointment so I can verify that her service is consistent.

rickg66, Terb, October 19, 2018

November 2018 

This review is for a Toronto provider but thought I would add it here as she might visit Winnipeg in future as I convinced her to.

I recently met with Adriana in Toronto as outcall in downtown. There are so many ads for independent providers in Toronto, it is very hard to find someone that you think will truly work for you. Something about Adriana's ad made it stand out from the rest. Her pictures were amazing as well as the ad was very well worded. As you can see from the ad, she has a gorgeous face and a body to die for. So, I thought I might set something up.

Communication: She was easy to contact by email and responded promptly. All subsequent conversations went very smoothly. Initially, she asked for a deposit by interac e-transfer to secure our booking, as I had never seen her before. She has good reviews and a website with professional photos, so I knew she was legit. However, because of some past bad experiences, I hesitated to send interac e-transfer. Now, this is where the experience starts and I knew from that point on, that Adriana is a fantastic provider although I had never seen her before. Instead of ditching our plans, Adriana went above and beyond and showed some exceptional customer service. She said that she definitely needs some sort of confirmation. So she allowed me to book the appointment using Amazon Gift Card as anonymous instead of interac. She said she really wanted to see me and was genuinely interested which blew me away. It is was very nice to see that sort of enthusiasm and effort to make things work from her side even before seeing her.

Looks: So the time came for the appointment and Adriana arrived to the outcall location well dressed with the right amount of make-up. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was exactly like her pictures, but a lot more gorgeous and sexier in person. I initially felt strong attraction to her and knew I was going to have a good time. She has very beautiful eyes and facial features. In fact, she is one of the most beautiful women I have had pleasure to spend time with. I know beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but Adriana is everything I want in a girl in the looks department. Tall, beautiful face and slender body with right curves. And yes, curly long blonde hair!

Attitude: Then started the conversation- in a couple of sentences, I knew I am talking to a well-educated and intelligent woman with some very vivid life experiences. Although, Adriana has lived in Montreal most of her life, she speaks English completely fluently- I actually forgot to ask her but I believe English might actually be her first language or maybe she is truly bilingual. She was very calm and friendly and I felt a great connection with her immediately. We chatted for about an hour about her school, travel and other interesting topics. She can definitely carry on a very good conversation.

Service: Well, we talked about the looks, attitude and conversational skills, and I cannot conclude this review without mentioning the service if I am giving her 5 stars in all areas. Without going into too much detail as Adriana wishes to keep the encounters unique and tantalizing, and not just a random assortment of various acronyms frequently sought after, I would like to say only one thing- "You will not be disappointed"- and get a 5 star service, much better than most providers I have seen; if you can create the spark and be the gentleman she wants you to be. She enjoys what she does. It is best to take things as they go with her rather than coming with some preconceived menu in mind before appointment, as she has eloquently mentioned on her website. I highly encourage you to read etiquette and FAQ sections of her website to make your encounter truly memorable.

In conclusion, I had a blast with Adriana. She is one of the most gorgeous girls I have met, she has an amazing attitude and a 5 star service to match those traits.

Repeat: Hell yes. I have convinced her to try Winnipeg tour sometime- I hope she likes it and then I can start visiting her more often. She will clearly be on my must repeat list of providers.

wpgboy2015, Perb & Lyla November 17, 2018

December 2018

I met Adriana Bella on Wednesday, during her first tour to Ottawa and she was an absolute delight!

I contacted her several weeks prior to the rendezvous and we communicated by email. Communication was very good and we exchanged lots of information along the way. My initial contact included all of her required screening information.

She was hosting in a cozy apartment incall, located just across the river in Hull, with beautiful amenities and ample free street parking nearby.

Adriana met me at the door in a very nice outfit that you might see if you scanned the images in her ads or on her website. She is a very pretty college girl and is just a joy to hold in your arms. The kisses and conversation came fast and easy, and I was immediately comfortable and relaxed with her. We discussed many things and shared stories, and she frequently punctuated her comments, or responded to mine, with a cute little giggle.

After sharing a drink on the couch while we got to know each other, I excused myself to freshen up and then met her in the boudoir to continue our mutual introduction. From this point on, things flowed naturally and Adriana was both receptive to my attention and very giving of herself. I don't need to share the intimate details but I can say that this was the kind of GFE session that I truly enjoy. We did not rush and when all was done we just lay in each other's arms for some final cuddles and conversation.

A few more quick hugs and kisses and I was out the door.

This was Adriana's first visit to Ottawa and I'm very happy that I had a chance to meet her. She's only here until Friday so if you want to meet her you will have to move quickly. Don't miss her!

I hope she enjoys her tour to Ottawa and becomes a regular visitor.

OttAficionado, Terb & Lyla, December 14, 2018

I also had the pleasure of meeting her as well. Can say it was the most fun I had with a provider to date. Hope she returns to Ottawa often.

Epsilon, Terb, December 14, 2018

November 2019

I met Adriana at a strange time of my life, we spent two hours talking about our lives and my current situation. I found her to be an amazing listener and a loving caring genuine human! I look forward to seeing her again and again.. 

Issac Greenberg, November 2019

June 2021

After taking many years hiatus from meeting a s/w, my life took an unexpected turn when I decided to try my chance meeting a companion that would be able to fulfill some of my wildest dreams. I mentioned this to a friend that suggested I limit myself to members of the Ottawa Independent Companion. I really liked the independent part in the collective's name. After looking over the possible candidates, I decided that I would contact Ellie for arranging a first date.


After carefully reading her Web Site, paying special attention to her FAQ and Contact information, I followed her advice and carefully crafted an introduction love letter that describes me and asked her for the privilege of booking a first date of 3 hours, her recommended minimum. Her answer was positive and full of hope, I feel that this part of the relationship sets the tone for what was to come.


After waiting for what looked like an eternity the day of our first date had arrived. I was both excited and a bit nervous when I ran the bell of her incall, ideally located in downtown Ottawa. The moment I saw Ellie I knew that I would not be disappointed, at least physically. It wasn't long before I discovered Ellie's contagious laughter which made me feel at ease. The conversations that followed were those I would normally have with someone close to me.  I could feel that Ellie enjoyed my company, she really knew how to push the right buttons, she could anticipate what pleased me.


After spending almost half of our date chatting intermingled by warm hugs, we simultaneously decided that it was time for moving onto the next level of the date. Since I had not asked Ellie for any special request, I had no clue of what to expect next, well as I'm a bit shy at explaining explicit details, I will leave that part up to your imagination, let's just say that that greatly due to Ellie's skills and experience our time felt it was over in 30 minutes, I wondered if she used a time machine on me!

Before leaving, I booked another date with Ellie, this time for a bit more time. Boy I can't wait for that day to arrive. Until then I can always look at her beautiful pictures dreaming of that day to come. 


If you ask me what I cherish the most from my relationship with Ellie, I would reply without hesitation. That it is the awesome feeling that our relationship is built on mutual respect

Patrick, June 2021


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