Virtual GFE Services & Content

During this time while we all must do our part to physically distance ourselves it can be really difficult as we must go against our human nature to be social, seek physical touch and connection. We could all use some company to help make this time just a little bit easier on ourselves. How about we break that feeling of isolation? Let's watch a movie together, cook a meal or order something in. Of course there's also the option for just some good old fashioned conversation over a glass of wine or hot cup of tea.


I am best known for my ability to put you instantly at ease with my warm smile and easy laugh, I have quite the sense of humour and I enjoy listening to what you have to say. I want to hear about what is on your mind and how your week is going. We can sit down together, relax while we open up a bottle of wine and have a deep and meaningful conversation, or have a few laughs while we contemplate this new reality that's been thrown at us. Whatever we decide, at least we'll be cuddled up together (virtually) while we get to know one another better. 



Virtual social date:

 $200: 1 Hour

 $300: 90 Min

 $400: 2 Hours

+$150: add some intimate time to our date

(available only to select clients) 

+$100: additional half hour of chat time 


For premade content please contact me for a  preview.

At this time I have available:  

$100: Solo masturbation clip

(approximately 7 minutes)

$150: An afternoon with Ellie & Jeff

(approximately 22 minutes)

$150: An evening at the hotel with Ellie & Nathalie Lefebvre

(approximately 16 minutes)

$150: POV blow job  (starring Nathalie Lefebvre & Jeff)

(approximately 16 minutes)


$100: 9 Professional nudes taken on the beach summer 2020

Custom content: 

- For custom solo content,

 depending on the duration and your request: $150-300

- For custom content with my friends,

depending on the duration and your request:


(split between both parties participating in the clip)


Payments can be sent through E-transfer/gift card of my choice 

For questions or to set up a date, please contact me and introduce yourself via:


Conditions for virtual skype dates:

*Please include screening information (reference/ID)

*Please note that recording our skype sessions and forwarding any content I send is prohibited and illegal. This is a violation of my consent.