. Canadian Companion. 

. Ottawa based &  fly me to you for the rest of Canada .

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Weisz, my friends call me Ellie. I’m a 33 year old soulful brown-eyed, red head from Montreal Quebec. I’ve been working in the industry as a companion for five years and I can truly say that I love what I do. 


I offer both in-person, virtual services, and custom content. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, yoga, and strength training. I have an adorable Pomeranian named Bear who is the love of my life. I hold bachelor’s degrees in both Sociology and Psychology. I plan on pursuing a master's degree in Sexuality studies and relational psychotherapy, with the goal of opening my own practice. I am passionate about sex worker's rights and I’ve both volunteered in organizations for sex workers and performed research within my community. 

I believe that our time together is about forming a meaningful connection. I am selective in whom I spend my time with and cater to a select few gentlemen. I enjoy conversing on a wide variety of topics such as politics, social justice, philosophy, and literature. As an introvert, I thrive in one on one situations where we get to truly revel in each other’s presence. I enjoy taking our time over a glass of wine or a meal,  as we discuss whatever is on our minds. I enjoy hearing about your day and what has been on your mind lately. I’m known for my silly giggle and sensual nature, which can put even the shyest person at ease. I enjoy pleasing and being pleased and I’ve been told it shows. My goal is to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied with a happy smile on your lips.


One of the aspects of companionship that I truly enjoy is spending extended time together and developing long term connections with one another. I have developed many meaningful connections this way over the years. Whether it be starting off our date with a meal, attending the theatre, concert, spending the day at the spa, or escaping on a weekend getaway together. Whatever you have in mind I’m always open to a new adventure and I’d be happy to help you with planning the arrangements. 


I enjoy the company of both men and women, I welcome you to invite my friends into our bedroom for a duo/trio, or you can bring your partner to join us. I've had many memorable experiences with both couples and my friends.  

I’m looking forward to planning our next adventure together soon. 




(Formerly Adriana Bella Davis)