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As a companion that enjoys connecting with you, three hours is my preferred minimum. For a first encounter a dinner date, or a minimum of at least three hours is recommended, so we can get to know one another without feeling rushed. 

I offer fly me to you and travel dates worldwide. I will eagerly accompany you on your business trips as your travel companion. A virtual date is recommended for dates over twenty-four hours to assess our compatibility. 

If we are meeting at an outside location, please add $50 to the envelope to cover the cost of my transportation. The travel fee may be higher depending on the distance from the downtown core. Please have the investment placed in an unsealed envelope, card, book or gift bag at the start of our date. USD is accepted on a 1:1 basis.

Rush fee for same day bookings add 200$ to the envelope. Some day availability is subject to my availability, I have an extremely busy schedule. I will need at least 4 hours notice.


A quick tryst: 1000$
(Up to 2 hours)

The perfect introduction: 1400$

(Up to 3 hours)

Wine & Dine: 1700$
(Up to 4 hours)
Extended Dinner Date: 2400$
(Up to 6 hours)

Can’t get enough: 3200$
(Up to 8 hours)

Overnight with breakfast: 4500$
(up to 16 hours)

Whole day: 6000$
(up to 24 hours)

Entire weekend: 9000$
(up to 48 Hours) 

Our great escape: 12,000$
(up to 72 Hours)

A week together: 20,000$
(up to 7 days)

Couples: +100$ Per hour
(2 Hour minimum)

In date extensions: +450$ Per hour

For the gent on the go: 1200$ USD
(up to 1.5 hours)

A quick tryst: 1800$ USD
(up to 2 hours)

The perfect introduction: 2400$ USD
(up to 3 hours)

Wine & Dine: 3000$ USD
(up to 4 Hours)

Extended dinner date: 4000$ USD
(up to 6 Hours)

Can’t get enough: 5000$ USD
(up to 8 Hours)

Overnight with breakfast: 7000$ USD
(up to 16 hours)

The whole day: 9000$ USD
(up to 24 Hours)

Entire weekend: 11,000$ USD
(up to 48 Hours)

Our great escape: 13,000$ USD
(up to 72 Hours)

A week together: 20,000$ USD
(up to 7 days)

Couples: +200$ USD per hour
(2 hour minimum)

In date extensions: +600$ USD per hour

Traveling to the USA & internationally for you: 
I visit the USA rarely, therefore fly me to you dates are highly recommended. Dates of two days/more are preferred for USA travel to ensure easier border crossing. For FMTY dates longer than three days please inquire. For international travel a minimum of 3 days to a week is preferred depending on the distance necessary to travel. Please see FAQ page for further details.

Requirements for overnights & other extended bookings:


Virtual Date:

Virtual dates are a great way to get to know one another and assess our chemistry. Along with being a great way for staying in touch between meeting in person. A virtual date is highly recommended for first dates lasting longer than 24 hours. All the details can be found on the FAQ page. 

 $300: 1 Hour

 $400: 90 Min

 $500: 2 Hours

USA & Worldwide

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