For Canada

If we are meeting outside of my incall please add $50 to cover my transportation. Outcall fee may be higher depending on the distance from downtown. 

1.5 Hours: 650$

2 Hours: 800$

3 Hours: 1100$
(Preferred minimum.
Recommended minimum 
for a first date)

Lunch/Dinner Date: 1300$
(Up to 4 hours)
Extended Lunch/Dinner Date: 1700$
(Up to 6 hours)

Day Adventure: 2200$
(Up to 8 hours)

Overnight: 3500$
(up to 16 hours)

Whole day: 4500$
(up to 24 hours)

Entire weekend: 7000$
(up to 48 Hours) 

Our great escape: 9500$
(up to 72 Hours)

Couples: 950$
2 Hour minimum
(additional hours 350$)

Social time: 400$
(Up to 2 hours)
(Can not be combined with private time. Additional hours: 200$)

Requirements for overnights & other extended bookings:
Please see the FAQ page

Dinner Chez Moi
Please add 200$ for food.
(4 Hour minimum)

Don't feel like braving a restaurant right now? Or you simply want to spend as much time indoors together as possible while trying some of my homecooked vegan cuisine? Let’s plan the menu together, or I can plan something delicious just for us. We’ll prepare an appetizer, main course and dessert together in either my kitchen or yours. 
 There’s something so incredibly intimate about preparing a meal together and then taking the time to devour it, while enjoying a glass of wine and engaging in an interesting conversation. I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

USA Touring & Fly me to you: 
 Dates of 2 days/more are preferred for USA travel for easier border crossing. For FMTY dates longer than 3 days please inquire. Please see FAQ page for further details.

For outcall: 
To a hotel, condo, restaurant, or wherever we will be meeting, please add 50$
Note: Outcall fee may be higher depending on the distance.

1.5 Hours: 1200$ USD

2 Hours: 1600$ USD

3 Hours: 2000$ USD

Lunch/Dinner date: 2400$ USD
(up to 4 Hours)

Extended Dinner date: 3200$ USD
(up to 6 Hours)

Day/Evening adventure: 4000$ USD
(up to 8 Hours)

Overnight: 5000$ USD
(up to 16 hours)

The whole day: 6000$ USD
(up to 24 Hours)

The whole weekend: 8000$ USD
(up to 48 Hours)

The whole weekend & then some: 10,000$ USD
(up to 72 Hours)

In date extensions: 600$ USD per hour


Fly me to you in Canada & internationally 
(excluding the USA)

Dates in duration of 4 hours are only available in Ontario and Quebec for FMTY.

For international travel, dates of 3 days/more are preferred for easier border crossing.

The packages below also apply for travel dates together.

Please see FAQ page for further details.

Lunch/Dinner Date: 1500$
(Up to 4 hours)

Extended Lunch/Dinner Date: 2000$
(Up to 6 hours)

Day Adventure: 2500$
(Up to 8 hours)

Overnight: 3500$
(up to 16 hours)

One day: 45

Two days: 7000$

Three days: 9500$

Four days: 10,500$

Five days: 11,500$

Six days: 12,500$

One week: 13,500$

Requirements for extended bookings:
Please see the FAQ page