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As a companion that enjoys connecting with you, three hours is my preferred minimum. For a first encounter, a dinner date or minimum of at least three hours is recommended, so we can get to know one another without feeling rushed. 

I offer fly me to you and travel dates worldwide. I’m always happy to accompany you on your business trips as your travel companion. Not to worry if you need to work on our trip, I can keep myself occupied exploring during the day while you’re busy. 


A virtual date is required for dates over twenty-four hours if we have not met to assess our compatibility. 

If we are meeting at an outside location, at the beginning of our date, please have the investment ready for me in an unsealed envelope, card, book, or gift bag.


USD/EUR is accepted on a 1:1 basis.

Dates longer than 3 hours require social time in a public setting. If you prefer to stay in this is at my discretion, for regular clients only. Further details can be found on the FAQ page. 

A travel fee of 50$-300$ is applied to outcall dates depending on the distance from the downtown core to cover the cost of my transportation. 

A 250$ fee is applied to incall dates to cover the cost of accommodations. 

Rush fee for same-day bookings: +200$ same-day bookings are subject to my availability, I have an extremely busy schedule. I will need notice of at least 4 hours to prepare myself. Incall is not available for same-day bookings. 


An Exploration: 1200$
Up to 2 hours. Just the right amount of time to catch up, or get to know each other before falling into the sheets. 


A Lunch: 1800$

Up to 3 hours.  The right amount of time for a quick bite to eat, or a conversation over cocktails/tea in your room before connecting in the boudoir. Recommended minimum for a first date.

A Dinner: 2500$
Up to 5 hours. Steamy glances across the table while our tastebuds are tantalized, before heading back to your room to devour each other for dessert. Recommended for a first date.
A Day/Evening: 4000$
Up to 8 hours. A leisurely dinner followed by a night out at the theater, or an evening spent rocking out at a concert. Maybe a day spent at the spa after a late lunch. The day/night is ours to do with as we please. 

Overnight with Breakfast: 5000$
Up to 16 hours.  A relaxing evening together filled with culinary delights, good laughs, snuggles and more. A leisurely morning ending with breakfast and wistful kisses until next time. 

A Whole Day Together: 6500$
Up to 24 hours.  A day together, filled with whatever we might choose. Perhaps an afternoon hike followed by a picnic, or time spent arm in arm exploring the latest art exhibit. Whatever it is we know we’ll be having fun exploring together, before exploring more…

A Weekend Together: 10,000$
Up to 48 Hours. Two blissful days spent together. We can head out to wine country, or check into a local spa for the weekend. Maybe, you’re in town on business and desire some company between business calls. I’m happy to keep you company between meetings and am accustomed to occupying myself while you’re busy. 

An Escape: 14,000$
Up to 72 Hours. Three days spent relaxing together while exploring our surroundings. The world is our oyster and I’m happy to plan outings with you based on your interests. We’ll have all the time we need to relax, explore and so much more…

A Week Together: 30,000$
Up to 7 days.  Seven blissful days spent together. Enough time to drive up to wine country, have a spa day, explore the city together and all its culinary delights, or however we might decide to spend our week together.  

Couples: +150$ Per hour
(2 Hour minimum)

In-date extensions: +700$ Per hour


A Weekend Together: 12,000$ 
Up to 48 Hours. Two blissful days spent on the beach soaking up the sun together. A weekend at the cottage spent hiking, followed by warm snuggles by the fire. 

An Escape: 15,000$ 
Up to 72 Hours. Three days spent exploring somewhere new together. Maybe you'd like to introduce me to your city with all it's architectural delights. 

A Week Together: 30,000$ 
Up to 7 days. Seven wondrous days together filled with adventure and magical memories for us to create. 


Additional Day: 5000$

Up to 24 Hours. Add on an additional day to our time together.  














Virtual Date:

Virtual dates and phone calls are a great way to get to know one another and assess our chemistry. They can also be a great way to stay in touch between seeing one another in person. Further details about what to expect from a virtual date/phone conversation can be found on the FAQ page. 

1 Hour Phone Call: 300$

90 Minute Phone Call: 400$

2 Hour Phone Call: 500$

 1 Hour Virtual Date: 400$

 90 Minute Virtual Date: 500$

 2 Hour Virtual Date: 600$

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