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Below is a list of some of my favourite foods, wines and restaurants. 

There are also some fun ideas for dates, along with gifts and gift cards.

Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated and treasured. 

Favourite foods

Vegan sushi

Avocado toast

Cashew cheese with gluten free crackers 

Cashew cheesecakes (gluten-free) 

Vegan chocolate with nuts, caramel, sea salt 

Fresh fruit

Gluten-free crackers with hummus

(Dietary restriction: I am vegan and gluten-free)

Restaurant Recommendations

 Somewhere with vegan/gluten-free options, please. 



Osteria Du

George Restaurant 

Ten Restaurant 

Planta Queen

Planta Cocina 

Rosalinda Restaurant 

El Catrin


Alice Restaurant on Adeline St.

Play Food & Wine

Pure Kitchen


Sushi Momo


Bloom Sushi 

Favorite drinks


White wine (pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc)

Gin and tonic with a slice of cucumber 



Sparkling water: flavoured perrier or la'croix 

Date Ideas

Spa day

Concerts & Festivals

Burlesque Shows


Museums/Immersive show 

Theatre/Broadway Show 

Wine tasting 



Helicopter ride around the city


Spoil Me

Gifts are never expected as our time together is a gift in itself to me. Needless to say, presents are always fun and appreciated. To make shopping for a gift easier I have assembled a little list of some of my favorite brands for you to choose from. If you would like me to send you a photo of an item I have been coveting, please feel free to ask me, helping you choose is the least I can do after all. 

Small Gifts

Matcha from Davids tea 

Tea from Davids tea 

Scented candles 

Shower steamers

Body wash or moisturizer from LUSH

House plant 

Davinés hair products from BSH salon on church street

Gift cards or Favourite shops 






Magpie Jewelry

Agent Provocateur* 

Studio Pia* 






Audible Books 

Davids tea 


Lingerie sizes

Studio Pia:

Bra/Bralette: size 6

Garter & Panty: size 5-6/Medium

Other lingerie brands:

Bra: E-34

 Garter & Panty: Medium

Gift cards for Photoshoots

Photoshoots are an incredibly important part of my business. Sponsoring a shoot, or part of one, with any of these photographers will be greatly appreciated. Whenever you sponsor a photoshoot, you can always expect a few special behind the scenes shots that will be for your eyes only. 


Black Lotus Photography:

Artisano Studio:

BE Studios:

Donations to be made to charities in my name

OIC emergency fund, Ottawa based collective for sex workers

POWER emergency fund, Ottawa organization for sex workers

STELLA emergency fund, Montreal organization for sex workers

Willows Drop-in center, Ottawa organization for sex workers 

Maggie's emergency fund, Toronto based organization for sex workers

Butterfly, an organization for migrant sex workers 

SPOC, Toronto based organization for sex workers 

The Ottawa Humane Society, a shelter for animals 

MADA, Montreal based food and clothing bank

Spoil Bear my adorable Pomeranian

Healthy and safe treats for small dogs 

Squeak and tug toys for small dogs 

Gift cards for grooming at Tailspin dog grooming spa 

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