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How to contact me

Please consult the contact me page and fill out the contact form with all the requested information. This will help ensure a smooth and easy booking process for both of us. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the donation for the time you requested along with my screening, deposit and cancellation policy. I will be in touch in 24-48 hours. If you do not hear back from me, this could be because you did not provide me with the adequate information to book our time together. 


I require screening for all new suitors I meet, no exceptions. I offer two methods for you to screen and it is up to your discretion to pick which you are most comfortable with.


Provider References: A reference from a provider you've met prior within the past 6 months, please check in with your reference before you give me anyone's contact information. I require your references email address to reach out through, as well as their website or social media handle(s). I only accept references from other established independent companions. 

Personal Identification: This could be a valid unaltered Drivers License or Passport. It needs to show; full legal name, date of birth and photo. Along with a clear selfie (camera forward facing towards you, not in a blurry mirror) of you holding up the ID to prove it is in fact yours. This is my preferred method of screening. 

Deposit: Deposits are mandatory for all bookings that are made along with 1 of the above screening methods.


A 30% deposit is required to reserve our date upon booking. Cancelations should be made 48 hours in advance to not incur a cancelation fee. Deposits are non-refundable, they can only be used for a future date upon cancellation made 48 hours before the original date was scheduled for. Deposits can be used towards a future date for up to 3 months after a cancellation.

Vaccination status: 

Triple vaccinated 


If you would like for things to run smoothly: during our time together please be freshly showered and groomed as I will be for you. If our encounter is at my incall there are fresh towels, soap, water, and mouth wash available. Please do not skip/skimp on showering and grooming if you wish to ensure a pleasant encounter for us both. 

When we meet:

Please have the investment placed in a visible location at the beginning of our date  (preferably in an envelope) with my name on it to avoid any awkwardness. If we meet at my incall please hand me the donation upon your arrival. If we meet at a restaurant you can hand me the investment when I arrive in a card, gift bag or your favourite book. 

What is a date with you like and what do you recommend for our first date together? 

All dates are different naturally, as the chemistry tends to differ with every person I meet. I always like to start our date off by taking our time to get to know one another so we feel more at ease and the date can flow more naturally. This can be cracking open a bottle of wine to share while we chat, or starting off our time together over a nice meal at a restaurant. Planning for activities to share in together such as checking out the latest exhibit at a museum, broadway show or a picnic at the park are a fun way to start off our friendship. I highly recommend booking at least 3 hours, or a lunch/dinner date for our first date. This allows for our date to flow in a more natural and unrushed manner, so we can truly enjoy one another’s company. 

Do you see couples?

Yes! I absolutely love seeing couples and joining you both in this new experience, or continuing one that you’ve both grown to enjoy. As a proud bisexual/queer identifying woman I have had many pleasurable experiences with both men, women and couples in both my professional and personal life. I have had many wonderful experiences with couples and I always recommend a minimum of at least 3 hours. This way we have time to get to know one another without feeling rushed and can relax enjoy our time together. I highly recommend before our date sitting down together and discussing what you both feel comfortable with occurring during our date. I enjoy starting off our couple date over a glass of wine or champagne, while we discuss what we’re comfortable with taking place. Respecting each other’s boundaries is important to me. From there we will see where our time together takes us.

Do you see women: 

Yes I do! As a proud queer identifying woman I truly enjoy the company of women and I welcome you to reach out so we can get to know one another better. 

What are your stats:

All my photos in my gallery are recent, they were taken between the dates of November 2021-November 2022. They are ordered within the gallery from most recent, to oldest. My hair colour has shifted a bit over time, but as you can observe the face, tattoos and woman are still the same. At present my hair is a strawberry blonde/light copper colour. As depicted, I have brown-eyes with an hour glass figure and stand at 5' feet 8 inches. I do not feel like my exact weight and cup size are necessary for forming a meaningful connection. Meet me in person and I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Do you offer ABC alphabet soup/service? 

Many of my suitors will agree that taking our time and allowing for our date to flow naturally leads to the best of experiences together. If you are looking for a buffet of acronyms to check off a shopping list,  you've got the wrong lady. I do not enjoy the pressure of stepping into a date with a pre-fixed menu in mind and I do not answer emails filled with a shopping list. I provide a sensual and intimate girlfriend experience, which varies on our chemistry and your effort put into good hygiene. 

Do you offer disability services?

I have met with several lovely individuals with a variety of disabilities over the years. Although this is not an area I specialize in I am comfortable meeting with individuals with disabilities. Please specify your disability in your message so I can determine if I am experienced enough to provide you with the date that you deserve. 


What if I need to cancel?

Please treat our meeting like any other appointment and allow me at least 48 hours advanced notice if you find yourself needing to cancel. Appointments rescheduled with more than 48 hours notice will have the deposit forwarded to the new date. If the cancelation is made on the same day please forward the remainder of the investment to demonstrate your sincerity of apology, otherwise, no more appointments will be scheduled between us. When our date is booked that means that time will be held for you and I will refuse other requests for that date. I am a low volume companion by choice, therefore last-minute cancellations are detrimental. Please be mindful of this when booking our time together. 

Cancellation policy: 

​Life happens and I completely understand, but once our time together has been booked that day(s) are reserved for you. Cancellations made 48 hours or less before our booking are subject to a 50% cancellation fee done via E-transfer. Same day cancellations require a 100% cancellation fee made via E-transfer. Not following this cancellation policy subjects you to not have the opportunity to schedule another date with me. I see a low volume of clientele, therefore when a date is made that time is reserved for you and I schedule myself accordingly. Not respecting my time is disrespectful, as I value and respect your time and expect the same from you.

Do you allow reviews? 

I have a strict no review policy, I do not support review boards as this practice  jeopardizes the health and safety of sex workers. The model review boards were built on is to rate and standardize services, instead of understanding that all human connections are different. This places pressure on companions to offer services, which they are not comfortable with to compte in a competition created by this outdated business model. If you are looking for a robot that jumps straight to the bedroom to act out a list of services, I am not the companion for you. If you are instead looking to form a connection that can potentially lead to a great friendship with chemistry that builds over time, I’m the right woman for you. 

Requirements for overnights & other extended bookings: 

​Time spent in a public setting is required during our extended time together. I enjoy planning with you before our date how we’ll spend our time together. If we are meeting in a city I am familiar with I am always happy to make recommendations for some of my favourite restaurants, spas, museums, events, or outdoor activities. Otherwise its always fun to look up new places we might enjoy together and plan our little escape. I require a minimum of 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep during overnights/extended time together. Wake me up with a matcha latte with oat milk, or green smoothie for best results. For dates of 24 hours or more I recommend booking a virtual date if we have not spent time together previously so we can asses our compatibility. 

Screening requirements for the United States: 

As laws in the US are much more heavily enforced than those in Canada, screening will be an absolute must and more through. I will expect either two recent (less than 6 months) references from two reputable providers (verifiable through their website) or full employment verification (LinkedIn) paired with an ID. Deposits and screening are non-negotiable. 

Requirements for FMTY dates and international travel: 

I love nothing more than exploring cities and countries! Extended dates are where we truly get to relax and connect. I’d love for you to show me around your city, or to help plan a vacation just for the two of us. Hotel and travel expenses are covered by you. Within the provinces of Ontario & Quebec a date of 6 hours or more is required for travel dates. For dates in Canada, outside of these provinces, a minimum of at lease 8 hours is required. For international travel a minium booking of 3 days, to a week, is required depending on the distance necessary to travel. Travel expenses must be prepaid, along with a 30% deposit to book our fly me to you date. A virtual date is highly recommended prior to booking our extended travel date.  

Virtual Dates, the fine print: 

Please include screening information (reference/ID). Recording our session is prohibited and illegal. This is a violation of my consent. Payment is sent upfront at the time we book our session. Payments can be sent through E-transfer, wise app, or a gift card of my choice. You must confirm in the morning, the day before our date. Cancellations can be made 24 hours before the start time of our date without incurring a cancellation fee. Dates can be rescheduled a maximum of two times, after this the total amount will be charged without refund for my time and the repeated reorganization of my schedule.  

Will you be my reference?

References are a huge commitment on my part as I am assuring a fellow sex worker that you are safe and pleasant to be around. Therefore, I have a very strict reference policy. I will only provide references for clients that I have met at least three times in person, with our last in person date being within the last 6 months. I will only answer reference requests if you have let me know prior to passing on my email address to another provider. If the above guidelines are not followed I will let the provider know and it will be up to them to determine how to proceed. 

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